As a start-up, do you need help defining your product development strategy?

ZIP's extensive product development and entrepreneurial experience across a wide range of industries enables us to create effective product development strategies for new or forming companies. We can help you with due diligence, product definition, market position, budget, schedule and resource management. We understand and empathize with the hard work, risk and perseverance required to launch a new venture. 


As an existing company, do you need to help building skills and internal processes to foster innovation and creativity?

Through an intrinsic understanding of design thinking and the innovation process, ZIP provides assessments, strategies and training to companies and organizations of all sizes to improve internal innovation capabilities. ZIP strongly believes that the only way to learn about design and innovation is to do it. Through a strategic partnership with Innovationship, we provide hands-on expereinces where participants learn and apply the critical skills of empathy, collaboration, ideation, rapid prototyping and storytelling that are essential to design thinking and the innovation process.